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The Sassy Sparrow Story

Sassy Sparrow started as five sisters with a vision: to make beautiful, durable, artisan handbags that will last a lifetime. Growing up, when one of us wanted a purse, a shirt, or a dress, our mom would say, “We could make that!” And so, more often than not, we did!

As we grew up, we started to dream about creating beautiful, original things: Purses, wallets, scarves, handbags. So in 2011, Sassy Sparrow was born. Working together in our 1890 Victorian home, we started designing our very first bags, hand stamping our own leather labels, and building the Sassy Sparrow brand.

Finding Inspiration in Forrest, Illinois

We’re from Forrest, Illinois: a little town far from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles. Life moves a little bit slower here, and we like it that way. We’re inspired by the old homes, antiques, vintage styles, and the beauty that surrounds us here in central Illinois.

Growing up in rural America taught us to believe in what really matters: Faith, family, local community, quality, sustainability, craftsmanship, and taking the time to make something good.


Sassy Sparrow bags are made in Forrest, Illinois and sourced from American materials. Always. Our leather is dyed and tanned by hand, the same way it has been for centuries. Our fabric is woven on antique looms, like it’s been done for generations. We’d love the bags, wallets, and other products we create to be the next generation’s antiques–not something that comes and goes with the season’s styles.

We personally design, assemble, and inspect every single bag by hand using antique sewing machines and well loved tools. And all of that comes together to make something magical.

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