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Welcome to the crazy world of The Sassy Sparrows! First and foremost we are so thankful for Jesus Christ, the heartbeat of our home. We have been immeasurably blessed and are so thankful that He has given us the opportunity to build a business where we are able to use the talents and abilities He has given us.

If you have seen pictures of us and your first thought was, “Are they seriously all one family?!” the answer is yes, and don’t worry, we have been asked that question a lot! We are a family of seven children. Two boys followed by five girls. Being homeschooled we learned lots of useful skills, including sewing. Growing up, when we wanted to buy a purse, a shirt, or a dress, Mom would look at it and say, “We could make that!” We're a close-knit family and wanted to find an outlet for our creativity in a way that we could all work together, in the fall of 2011, we dove in and started a business! Working together in our home, we create each bag from start to finish: designing our own unique bag styles, hand stamping our own leather labels, and sewing the bags together. We travel together selling our bags at markets throughout the U.S, working hard to provide high quality products that are beautiful and functional for women of all ages.

Growing up in a small farming community in central Illinois where time seems to stand still, we feel a unique closeness to the earth and are inspired by porch swings, hot chocolate, warm fires on a cold night, and the harvest. We strive to create something beautiful and unique: something you can't purchase anywhere else but feels warmly familiar, like something you've seen before in a old movie or vintage photograph.

Our fabrics are reproductions of 18th and 19th century textile patterns and are woven on antique looms, creating a texture that's so unique compared to modern weaves, it's hard to believe it is cotton! The bags are carefully designed and constructed with style, functionality and durability in mind.

A high volume of production goes through one small room of our house, so we have become masters at making efficient use of the space we have. We own two industrial machines and our dad has engineered a press for the stamping leather labels and installing the rivets.

"American Made" is more than just a slogan, it captures the essence of what makes this country great, it invoking a sense of pride and quality not found in outsourced manufacturing. It brings us back to the roots of what made us who we are today. Hard work, quality, and painstaking attention to detail. We take pride in the American made sourcing of our materials. The yarn for our bag fabric is manufactured, dyed and woven in the U.S. We believe that people buy products not just based on the style or design, but based on the story. Sassy Sparrow is not just about making money, but we're about taking the opportunities to serve others and impact lives in a positive way.

Thanks for visiting our site. Hope you’ve enjoyed coming on this crazy adventure with us and we hope you'll come back to visit again soon!

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