Our Story

Our family

We are an enormous, loud family of fourteen. (Including spouses, nieces and nephew of course!) They haven’t entered the workforce yet but we’ve already started grooming them for the creative field. We were born and raised in Central Illinois. Growing up we spent quite a bit of time around a backyard bonfire or on weekend trips to the nearest red-neck campground, where we fit in remarkably well. We like to pretend we’re classier now, but deep down we know that we’re still the same dorks who wore socks with sandals in the middle of summer. In the year 2006, our dad sold out of his business so that he could spend more time with us. We started buying and flipping houses, working together as a family, which proved to be a tremendous relationship building experience. I’m not going to say there were a lot of throwing down the tools and storming out, but I mean, it did happen.  Summer of that year: 3 weeks to California and back. One cool ride in our fifteen passenger van, pulling our lovely 32 ft. camper, two liberated parents and seven wild children. Some people may have thought that we had lost our minds (and we probably had) but to us it was a turning point in the vision of our family. Spending more time together, building our relationships, forming deep and lasting connections with others and living out our love for Jesus in a deeper way.  Sassy Sparrow is the continuation of that vision. A family owned business allowing us to spend our time together doing something we love: bringing loveliness and sharing joy with others, in whatever shape that takes!

Our Business

The business has changed a lot over the years, always for the better. The one constant that has remained is us taking on each new learning curve with neither the means nor the experience, but gaining enough of both in the process to take just the next step, and the next and the next. More accurately, our business is us running around bumping into each other in the dark, and squealing in alarm at each new obstacle that presents itself in our home and business. Call it stupidity or bravery, we may never know the difference. Our dreams of a picturesque storefront and an Instagram worthy workshop live on, but for now the dream is living in a sewing room made from a spare room. Believe it or not, the room is an improvement from our previous workshop, which was possible a shoe box in disguise.

Working for The Sassy Sparrow

If you believe everything you see on social media, you might think that our business day entails a lot of toast and jam and cozy afternoon teabriefs, but in reality it’s more like yoga pants all day, (with no time for the yoga) tracking threads all over the carpet, having  “the-house-will- never-be-clean-again thoughts,” and general feelings of having never been more stressed than we are currently. But mostly, it’s just us, having the time of our lives.  Starting a business and working for it is not the easiest thing to do, but we believe it is certainly the most rewarding. Growing as a family and hopefully making someone’s day a little brighter is a dream come true for us, and we love each and every one of you lovely people. Have a fantastic day!
The Sassy Sparrow Family


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